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I’m not gonna lie. This project was ruff. Excuse my bad pun, but in a real way, this week was filled with highs and lows. At the beginning of the week, I was excited to get the Bootcamp kicked off and begin fleshing out ideas for the story. Everything happened quickly once the interviewing started. When I first set the headphones on my ears I was placed in a completely immersive sound experience.  Suddenly I found myself noticing natural sounds and listening to the speaker’s tone of voice. A frustrating hiccup occurred the morning of the interview when I forgot to press record. I went into the newsroom and my stomach began to sink as I realized I did not have my precious audio. Laying out the audio tracks and piecing the story together in a methodical process was incredibly useful. I will definitely bring this process with me in future productions. During the first edit, Traci deconstructed the story, to which I am grateful for. Her edits helped me pinpoint elements in the story that focuses on the theme and drive the story forward in a clear way.  I am proud of my final story, and I am excited to share it with all canine lovers.


I’m not gonna lie.

This project was ruff.

The beginning of the week.

I made quite a bluff.

But now it’s the end

I have work to show.

A four-minute clip

Where the hell did it go

It’s here in my drive

Where everything’s inside

Each picture and script

The logs and the dogs

From Monday to Friday

I put in the time

With Ray by my side

I didn’t get behind

Now that it’s Friday

I think about all

The work that I did

And look back in awe

A fun week it’s been

Thank you Next Gen