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Our Project Staff

The Next Generation Radio staff is a rotating cast of professional journalists and educators who volunteer to mentor enthusiastic and aspiring reporters and produce this full-scale, digital-first multimedia training project with emphasis on “radio storytelling.” We are committed to the professional development of undergraduate and graduate students who are focused on journalism.

#NextGenRadio | University of Nevada, Reno | June 2018

Doug Mitchell

Founder/Project Manager

Consultant and project founder, NPR. Adjunct at Georgetown.

Traci Tong

Project Mentor

Freelance, The World – BBC World Service, PRI, WGBH

Michelle Billman

Project Mentor

News Director at KUNR Radio

Nico Colombant

Project Mentor

University of Nevada, Reno

Maggie Freleng

Project Mentor

Latino USA

Ray Ruiz

Project Mentor

Founder/Director of the El Gato Media Network

Stephanie Serrano

Project Mentor

KUNR Radio

Vanessa Vancour

Project Mentor

University of Nevada, Reno

Sylvia Li

Graphic Artist

Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator based in San Francisco, Calif.

Patrice Mondragon

Audio Engineer

Freelance engineer. Denver, Colorado

Robert Boos

Project Web Manager

Journalist and creative technologist,

Next Generation Radio